An Online Measure

This site was created as an online companion to my promotion dossier for full professor. Post-promotion, I am keeping it as a detailed look at the different focuses of my academic life.  

Some may wonder why this is termed a folio rather than the more common term of portfolio or even dossier. Although my university uses the term dossier for the bundle of documents gathered for promotion, I envision a view of my scholarly and creative life in the form of something more like a folio. Picture a true folio—-full sized rich, creamy paper with raw edges and a high rag content, beautifully bound and placed on the coffee table, ready to be opened. To a bibliophile, a folio is a thing of beauty. Now, transpose this concept to the publishing world we have now, one where publication is dimensional, not just flat. Viewing a dossier with a high proportion of webtexts, audio, and video converted to screenshots on paper is like tossing that beautiful folio aside and using a pamphlet summary, all in the name of consistency in presentation. This online dossier prevents that reduction of functionality by linking the web publications and digital spaces where much of my work is done while retaining virtually all of the print documents as well. Print publications are still noted here, and when appropriate, are linked to the presses or journals. Welcome to my digital life as a scholar, poet, editor, and teacher.